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Gambling Addiction Problems

This article was written as a way to help other problem gamblers find a way to get help online for their compulsive gambling behavior and know that THERE IS HOPE and life is much more beautiful when you leave your gambling addiction behind.

My personal gambling addiction story

I’ve been an active gambler for 25 years. And in those 25 years went like this in short. The first 17 years I was a very casual blackjack player that only played blackjack occasionally a few times a year. I usually broke even at worst but also often would win about $100 when I played 21 games. Sometimes I might have won a little more, sometimes I lost some too naturally. It was all small stuff with a $100 budget. My only point is that I played as a responsible, recreational blackjack player for about 17 years before it became a gambling addiction problem which was the center of my life’s destruction.

Compulsive gambling destroyed nearly everything I had worked so hard to build.

My only motivating factor in life and the driving factor that pushed me passed the intense competition to reach #1 in Google rankings in one of the most competitive markets on the internet has been and will always be to help people.

That’s why you’ll get this level of strait talk from me.

I hope that I can help you if you’re battling with a gambling problem in your own life like I did. I try to help as many people as I can in life so naturally I’m available to talk any time of you need someone to talk to about whats its like being a problem gambler.

Being a web developer I’d like to create better software solutions to counter problem gamblers compulsive gambling addictions and create fun & healthier alternatives to traditional gambling. I’m a strong advocate for responsible gambling and take the topic with the importance and attentiveness to detail.

Regardless of what you’re gambling on, it doesn’t matter if you buy lottery tickets, bet on sports, spin the slot machines or play blackjack like myself, being a problem gambler is a difficult road to travel,

The pain and mental destruction and disruption caused by severe gambling addiction is absolutely traumatizing.

I know this because I fought gambling addition for 2-3 years in the stock market, day trading every day. I lost a lot of money in that time, a whole lost of money. Its uncomfortable to say how much money I really lost, so lets just say it was a very sad situation since I could have helped so many people with that money.

After the stock market I turned to the casinos to make up my losses playing blackjack.

I’m an unbelievable blackjack player and this always brings the casino heat factor on me because they see by my plays are extremely unusual and dealers and pit bosses immediately take notice.

I mean that literally. When the dealers change they’ll whisper & pre warn the new arriving dealer that hey this player is very unusual.

I can usually win money at blackjack and that’s not easy to do because they’re all kinds of hidden tricks awaiting at the casinos.

However, even though I could make money with playing blackjack because of my level of skills and mastership of the game, in the end I don’t make money with blackjack.

This is because of my gambling addiction. That might sound like a bullshit excuse for my losses but its not. I truly can easily win money playing blackjack. However, in life I’ve lost A LOT of money at the casinos.

How is that even possible? Its simple. Gambling Addiction.

I would gamble for days on days for months on months even at one point. I always estimate that I’ve earned my 10,000 hours of experience playing this game in my lifetime.

Beyond that, I have a mathematical mind which is highly gifted in pattern recognition. I see patterns in every thing. That’s how I learned the games are rigged an the casinos.

I can’t say that for a fact and I truly hope that are some good fair honest casinos out there.

My experience as a brilliant card counting gambling addict was such that I spent so much time in casinos my views changed and evolved entirely over time ad I was exposed to the dark sides of casino gambling when I started betting high stakes and winning.

Problems I’ve experienced at different casinos around the world

I can tell you that I believe I was drugged before at least once, as in something was put in my drink. I’ve also faced all kinds of teams of casino security counter players used to counter a skilled card counters moves. Lastly, I’m quite sure I’ve had many of large bets taken down by card mechanics over the years when they dealt me their signature hand. player 19 with a dealer showing a 9, naturally they’ve got the ace in the hole.

They’re so predictable is not even funny anymore (the card mechanics I’m referring too).

Yet somehow its allowed to go on ever day at casinos all over the world. No regulators seem to have cared the cards are usually not shuffled anymore but in many places around the world their sorted with smart algorithm powered shuffling machines.

When casino gambling became an addiction life was difficult for me and traumatizing.

Having an addictive personality by nature I have felt the and battled with the lows of gambling addiction for about 5-6 years of my life. I was blind to the realities that faced me in the world of gambling.

Thanks to God above that unites us I’m still alive. God (the one love universal force of nature we’re all connected too) blessed me and gave me my son 13 years ago.

It was my son that gave me the strength to fight back and beat the gambling addiction to be there for him together always.

When I was at my lowest point my son sang to me Bob Marley’s “3 Little Birds” and it made me cry. He made me so proud and I was astonished how that he knew I’d get better. He was so wise already as I’ve been sharing wisdom with him focused and repeatedly throughout his life so the lessons I’m teaching him will set in.

It works, he gets it. I’d been singing it to him since he was a baby.

He lifted me up that day.

If you have a gambling problem there is hope for a bright future

Life gets better.

You just have to get that mentally & emotionally disruptive activity out of your life and try to do something positive to help yourself & help other people instead of wasting money & time away at the casino.

Read The Dark Truth About Gambling Addiction on for today’s mobile betting world.

Staying away from the casinos is your smartest bet. This is definitely odd advice coming from a sports betting portal I realize but I’ve been marketing online casinos since 2001. Over time I’ve learned not to gamble big money in real world casinos. And I studied finance in college so I understand stock marketing investing. For the records to be clear and make sure my previous statement my words don’t get mistaken.

To be clear, I have NOT been marketing sportsbooks until 2019 when the Supreme Court confirmed that sports betting can be allowed on a state by state basis.

So when i write ” I’ve been marketing online casinos since 2001″I mean I have strictly marked online casinos exclusively. I did not start building sports betting sites until the last couple of months.

So all of my 20 years experience working as an online casino affiliate were working with marketing for internet casinos and not for internet sportsbooks.

Gambling should only be a firm of entertainment, ie a couple hundreds bucks.

Gambling with tens, hundreds of thousands or more is just crazy. They’re going to take you down.

I personally believe that online casinos are more at least fair even than land based casinos as long as they’re operating with a true & legitimate gambling regulator.

You’ll be far better off using that money in much better ways. This is solid better advice than you will usually find in most places on the internet.

If players are going to play anyways then I can’t stop you and I can recommend the casinos with confidence you’re getting a fair shot.

But my best advice is to invest that money in your 401K, IRA, or stock market account instead. And not to day trade but invest for your retirement. Its never to early to start saving for retirement and its something that most people wish they started saving for sooner.

Gambling Help Resources

I’ve include a few excellent resources on gambling help for problem gamblers in the list below. Don’t Give Up, there’s life & family to live for.

These resources provide free help services for gambling addicts.